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Areas of Expertise

Counselling is a service provided by a trained professional who can skillfully, apply the art of talking and listening to help people unpack, understand and resolve their presenting issues. Effective counselling integrates a variety of therapies and strategies to build a respectful, trusting, supportive and professional interpersonal relationship between the counselling therapist and the client.  

Counselling can be anything from a one off session to multiple frequent sessions.  A good counselor will develop a sense of autonomy for the client where they feel in control and capable of being their best self.  

Counselling is not a 'one-size-fits-all' mode of working. Each counselling session is carefully tailored to each individual with an element of flexibility allowing for the exploration of new issues or further work on resolving previous ones. 


Counselling can be face to face, over skype, in couples, groups or individual. 

Counselling can be helpful in dealing with and overcoming addictions, bullying, bereavement, anxiety, stress, depression, divorce, trauma, career mentoring, relationships, family dilemmas, building self esteem and gaining a deeper self awareness. 

To get the most from your counselling sessions you should aim to make them consistent e.g. weekly or fortnightly.


It is also worth noting that counselling is not a quick fix and that your counsellor will not tell you what to do. The counselling process requires your courage, a strong relationship between you and your counsellor and dedication on your part - together these elements create a successful method to help you resolve your issues.  Be courageous.  Make an appointment.  The only way is up.


Payment is required before the start of the session. 

Rebates are available.


How do you measure progress or success?  This is a question that every individual person will answer differently. That's the beauty of psychology; you are the expert of your life so this will come out during your sessions.

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